Faculty Name : Dr. Andres Pascual La Roca

Topic Name : “GBR: Guidelines and Limitations”

Faculty Name : Prof Dr.Stefan Ihde

Topic Name : “No More Peri-Implantitis”

Faculty Name : Dr. Ehab Moussa

Topic Name : Decision Making In Bone Augmentation: A Clinical Update

Faculty Name : Dr. Lukasz Zadrozny

Topic Name : “Guided Implantology- from Planning to Clinical Application”

Faculty Name :Dr. Marcelo  Ferrer Balart

Topic Name : “Petology and Complete Ridge Maintenance”

Faculty Name :Dr. Christoph Hammerle

Topic Name : “Soft Tissue Management: Timing and Techniques for Predictable Success”

Faculty Name :Dr. Yuval Zubery

Topic Name : “Surgical Technique - Medical device Synergy in Bone Augmentation Procedures”

Faculty Name : Dr. Firat Selvi

Topic Name : “Introduction to Sinus Lifting & Contemporary Solutions for Implant  Supported Reconstructions of the Posterior Maxilla”

Faculty Name : Dr Druthil Belur

Topic Name : “My patient is back with an implant. Now what”

Faculty Name : Dr Deepak Bhagat

Topic Name : “Graftless solutions for edentulous cases | Prosthetically derived treatment planning using 3D models face scans and current  prosthetic solutions.”

Faculty Name : Dr Vivek Gaur

Topic Name : “Redefining Treatment of Atrophic Jaws”

Faculty Name : Dr Nitin Ahuja

Topic Name : “All-on-Corticals - Tilted Implants using Nasal-Pterygoid & Zygomatic Anchorage”

Faculty Name : Dr. Brijesh Patel

Topic Name : “Digital Guided ImplantologyNew Horizons from Single to Full Mouth Rehabilitation”

Faculty Name : Dr.Veerendra Kumar

Topic Name : “Cortical/Basal Implantology Today Cutting Edge, Practical Clinical Technique”

Faculty Name : Dr Jasbinder Teja

Topic Name : “Maintaining Tissue Architecture in Immediate Implant Placement”

Faculty Name : Dr Sachindeep Singh

Topic Name : “Prothetic Complications In Implant Dentistry: Are We Ready For The Long Game !! Etiology, Prevention And Management”

Faculty Name : Dr. T V Narayan

Topic Name : “Hard Facts About Soft Tissues: Protecting Osseointegration”

Faculty Name : Dr Ali Tunkiwala

Topic Name : “Aesthetic Precision in Implant  Dentistry: The Five Keys to Success”

Faculty Name : Dr Harshwardhan Arya

Topic Name : “Intra Oral Welding And Conometrics  Elegant solutions for Implant prosthetics”

Faculty Name : Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan

Topic Name : “Medical issues ;Can they influence implant treatment outcomes?”

Faculty Name : Dr Udatta Kher

Topic Name : “Fast Tracking Implant Prosthodontics”

Faculty Name : Dr. Amit Vora

Topic Name : “Biologic Complications in the Third Dentition: Diagnosis and Management”

Faculty Name : Dr Tarun Kumar

Topic Name : “Treatment Planning 2019 & beyond: Precision in planning complex Implant therapy.”

Faculty Name : Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag

Topic Name : “TTPHIL- ALL TILT ™ Protocol The Quick Six Fix Solution Anatomic Driven Implantology: 2 Piece Cortical System”

Faculty Name : Dr Arvind

Topic Name : “Bone Formation”

Faculty Name : Dr. Segin Chandran

Topic Name : “How I refined my implant practice”

Faculty Name : Dr. Melle Vroom

Topic Name : “The “Re-discovery” of GBR with d-PTFE Membranes: Applications and Techniques for Daily Practice”

Faculty Name : Dr. Senthil Moorthy

Topic Name : “Occlusal Considerations in Implant Therapy : Clinical Guidelines and Biomechanical Rationale”

Faculty Name : Dr. Sai Jivraj

Topic Name : “Graft less Protocols - Myths and Realities”

Faculty Name : Dr. Rajesh Jambure

Topic Name : “Crestal Vs Lateral Approach: What are the Current Guidelines?”

Faculty Name : Dr. Nrupal Kothare

Topic Name : “A Unique Abutment for a Neglected Modality in Implantology”

Faculty Name : Dr. Sudhindra Kulkarni

Topic Name : “Soft Tissue-Hard Tissue Continuum: Synchronize the Tissues”

Faculty Name : Dr. Ratnadeep Patil

Topic Name : “Management of Aesthetics and function in Complex Situations with Implants”

Faculty Name : Dr. Sankalp Mittal

Topic Name : “Tectonic Shift in Implant Practice with Digital Workflow”

Faculty Name : Dr. Varunraj Kamat

Topic Name : “Prosthetic Implant Planning Dilemma and Decision”

Faculty Name : Dr. Suchetan Pradhan

Topic Name : “Digital Disruption in implant Dentistry.”

Faculty Name : Dr. Shreekanth Mallan

Topic Name : “Immediate functional loading of Dental implants.”

Faculty Name : Dr. Saphal Shetty

Topic Name : “Treatment plan- Full Mouth Rehabilitation with implants.”

Faculty Name : Dr. Paresh Kale

Topic Name : “Evidence based Implant Dentistry Putting Things into Perspective.”

Faculty Name : Dr. Komal Khatri Majumdar

Topic Name : “Fundamentals of Khoury Technique”

Faculty Name : Dr. Muzaffar Bajwa

Topic Name : “Implantology with Emphasis on Biology and Physiology”

Faculty Name : Dr. Milind Saudagar

Topic Name : “Achieving Predictable Clinical Outcome in Dental implants using Digital Workflow”

Faculty Name : Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar

Topic Name : “The Journey of i-Fix: Made in India for the World”

Faculty Name : Dr. Rakshith Hegde

Topic Name : “SmartfixTM : Smart solution for edentulous patients”

Faculty Name : Dr. Alok Bhardwaj

Topic Name : “Posterior Maxilla: A Clinician's Dilemma”

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