Congress features:

  • Oration lecture

  • Guest and keynote speakers

  • Planetary sessions

  • Panel discussions and debates

  • Preconference symposia and hands-on sessions

  • ISOI Alumni Symposium

  • Breakfast sessions with expert clinicians

  • E-posters

  • Table clinics

  • Free papers for students, faculties, clinicians, lab technicians

  • Fellowship and Diplomate awards

Scientific coverages (tentative):

  • Transforming practice with digital planning softwares

  • Innovative implant solutions through technology

  • Guided implant surgery

  • Anterior implant esthetics

  • Graftless solutions in implant dentistryBreakfast sessions with expert clinicians

  • Augmentation of narrow ridges

  • Peri-implant health and esthetics

  • Hard and soft tissue regeneration

  • Loading protocols: current and future

  • Risk assessment in implant dentistry

  • Identify, avoid and manage implant complications

  • Completely edentulous patients: various implant solutions

  • Short, narrow and tilted implants: Their roles today

  • Partial extraction techniques

  • Osseodensifications: Outcomes optimized

  • Role of zygomatic and ptyerigoid implants

  • Occlusal considerations for long-term success in implant dentistry

  • Radiology in implant practice

Precongress and workshops (limited attendance for hands-on)

  • Laboratory implant prosthetics (for technicians and interested clinicians)

  • Jump-start tour implant practice

  • Treatment of atrophic ridges with implants

  • Predictable hard and soft tissues augmentation

  • Digital implant workflow: clinical and laboratory perspective

  • Sinus floor elevations and augmentation: latest trends

  • Tilted implants: surgical and prosthetic perspectives

Exhibitors:All major implant companies in India and implant accessories companies (over 50)

Presidential Reception and celebrations

Gala Dinner with entertainment


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