Abstracts are marketing tools for the authors to generate interest amongst the readers to hear their presentations. ISOI 2019 desires to give a national platform for its members to showcase their work or expertise through oral and poster presentations under the following categories:

  1. Free Papers for students:

This session offers an opportunity for authors to present their work on a specific topic for 10 minutes (8 minutes of talk and 2 minutes of Q & A). These sessions will be moderated and rated by experts and best will be chosen for various prizes.

  1. Free papers for faculties and practicing clinicians:

Oral presenters are allowed 10 minutes for their presentations and 5 minutes for Q & A with the audience.

Guidelines for Free Paper Presenters

  1. All presenters are requested to be a member of ISOI and they have to be registered for ISOI 2019

  2. All abstracts should be submitted by the due date in the format recommended

  3. Abstracts will be selected following the due norms and content of the submissions.

  4. Abstract text that is under copyright by a publication or another conference should not be submitted to ISOI 2019

  5. Accepted abstract should contain disclosure and disclaimer relationships

  6. Abstract Contents:

    • -  Attention-catching title in capital up to max 15 words only
    • - Presenting and contributing authors with degrees and affiliations
    • - Body representing the meaningful essence of the presentation in 250 words
  7. When the submissions are accepted after review, the authors are transferring all copyright ownership of the abstract, including all rights incidental thereto, to the ISOI.
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